LinkShare Data Miner


I created a shopping search engine ( which allowed users to search for the best deals going around the internet. LinkShare was at the time one of the biggest affiliate marketing companies around. As an affiliate, I was allowed to manually browse thousands of deals from hundreds of companies and copy affiliate links for special offers. However, I needed to collect all the deals, and doing so manually would be impossible. LinkShare did not have a way to download many links at once, so I developed an automated way to extract all the information. The system I developed was capable of logging in the affiliate website, extract every company name, company image, links to their specials, keywords, and save to my own database.

Using Visual Basic 6, I was able to break down the entire process into manageble chunks and chain the process together in order to achive my goal. This project taught me about extracting text, parsing HTML, acquiring resources from the internet, relational databases, and was an excellent introduction to data mining.

Skills Used:

Visual Basic 6
HTML Parsing
Relational Databases