PDF Generator

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A company in Southern California needed a way to populate PDF forms from their database and generate PDF files on the fly. These documents were created manually on a daily basis and were prone to error due to data re-entry. The PDF forms changed from time to time, so they also needed a utility to map their database table fields to the PDF fields.

Using Visual Studio C# and working closely with the company’s Database Administrator, I was able to create two separate projects in order to accomplish the company’s goal. I first developed the PDF Mapper, which allowed the form author to load a PDF file they designed and map each PDF field to a field in their database tables. These mappings would be saved on the database along with the PDF template file. The second project was the actual PDF generator in the form of a DLL library. This library had all the necessary API to dynamically generate PDF files with custom data. The DLL library was then used by other software written for the company, some of which was written in Microsoft Access.

The PDF Generator helped the law firm streamline their day to day operations. It has also been saving the company thousands of dollars per month with reduced document errors and improved employee efficiency. I gained significant experience with the PDF document format, Microsoft SQL server, .NET Framework, and the iTextSharp PDF Library.

Skills Used:

Visual Studio
PDF File Format
.NET Framework