Phone Look Up Utility


A small collection agency hired me to develop a phone look up utility allowing them to quickly identify callers. They were receiving nearly a hundred calls a day, and while the operators were answering the phone, they were simultaniously trying to find information about the caller in their collection software. This created a small delay because some operators would allow the phone to ring a little bit longer to try and identify the caller. Other operators would pick up the phone right away, not knowing who the caller was and ended up with unprofessional phone conversations.

The utility I created in Visual Studio C# was a client / server system. The server application would be notified when a new phone call was coming into the office. The server would then search the database for any records containing the caller’s phone number, and relay the information found to all client applications. The client application was installed in all operator workstations. The process took less than a second for every call, and presented collectors with all the information they needed about every incoming call before the first ring ended.

This was one of my first client/server network projects for me, and learned a great deal about network programming while using the Lidgren network library.

Skills Used:

Visual Studio
Network Programming
Relational Database