Daniel has been developing applications involving many platforms for over 10 years. His passion for software development fuels the need to learn new platforms, methods, and languages. Daniel has experience developing windows solutions that facilitate business operations, web applications that increase profits, and automation solutions that safely operate industrial machinery. It is this diverse experience and knowledge that enables him to look, tackle and solve problems from different angles. Daniel has had the privilege to work on these types of projects as an employee and as a small business owner.

Currently employed at Aqua Klean Systems, Daniel’s primarily job duties include writing software and providing technical documentation and support. He has been with Aqua Klean Systems since 2002, and was the only employee then. Now, he has helped it grow to 20 employees and has gained valuable experience that only a growing company can provide. Daniel designs software used to operate products manufactured at Aqua Klean Systems, and also creates in-house software to streamline day to day office operations. He supports clients with technical inquiries, creates manuals and procedures for all products, and works with electrical engineers to commission, test and deploy PLC systems and instrumentation devices.

As a freelancer, Daniel helps small companies to get on the internet through SERMI Technologies, his web development small business. The experience gained from working with small business owners has enabled Daniel to understand many important aspects of business, such as effective communication, customer support, meeting deadlines, and accountability. His freelance accomplishments include driving more traffic for clients, implementing custom solutions, and educating small business owners on how the internet can increase their profits.

Learning is a top priority for Daniel. When not working on a project for a client, or during his lunch break, he is on Laracasts or Udemy adding to his software development repertoire. In 2004, he graduated from Santa Ana College with an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science, and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering from University of Phoenix in 2008.

In addition to being an engineer and freelancer, Daniel is also a husband and father. He has been happily married to Rachel since May of 2003, and currently live in Orange, California. Together, they are blessed with two beautiful daughters, Mia and Serena.