3D Pong Remake

  • http://www.danielsanchez.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/H01-image01.jpg

This project was an attempt to re-create the classic 3D pong game using the Dark Basic programming environment. My goal for this project was to advanced my knowledge of 3D math, collision detection, and basic artificial intelligence.

3D Math Concepts: While the game is very simple, it was an excellent opportunity to improve and reinforce basic three dimentional principles. Projectile trajectory, angular calculations, dot and cross products where all used to make this game. Collision detection, all between a sphere and and a few planes, is what made the ball bounce around.

Smart Opponents: I implemented 3 different AI opponents: easy, intermediate, and expert. Each had adjustable movement speed and reaction time variables, with intermediate and advanced having the ability to place the shot farthest away from the player’s paddle. Also, the expert AI paddle would try to move to the center of the court after hitting the ball, so that it was in perfect position to receive the ball again.