Adobe Flex CMS Application


In 2007, I was to be part of a team which would develop an educational video website. I was hired as the programmer, and was given a copy of Adobe Flex to familiarize myself with it months ahead of the project’s start date. I knew that Adobe Flex was real popular during this time, and decided to learn it for my own benefit regardless of the project’s outcome. A few months later, I had learned Adobe Flex very well, and developed my own CMS application which had the following features:

  • Admin interface with Login
  • File manager with multi-upload capability
  • Image gallery with categories
  • News section
  • CRUD interface for any database table

I deployed this administrator back-end for a few websites, most of which were my pet projects. During my learning experience, I familiarized myself with Adobe’s technologies, including ActionScript, their event model, flash animation, movie playback, and how to pass data back and forth to the server using PHP and XML. Politics eventually ended up overtaking the educational video website project, and was never started. However, learning Adobe Flex has enabled me to embrace new technologies and to always keep an open mind about new ways to accomplish things.

Skills Used: