Arcane 3D World Editor


The Dark Basic programming environment was great to quickly develop games for windows. However, it lacked any sort of world or level editor. The usual method of creating a game was loading the 3D objects and placing them manually on the map, for every level you intended to have. There was no actual way to create level files unless you made your own.

Arcane 3D World Editor was an attempt to create a level editor. Objects could be loaded and positioned anywhere on the map. These objects could have additional helpful properties, such as collision information and tags which could be useful once loaded into any game engine. The editor itself was created in Dark Basic and provided many tools to edit a level, such as:

  • Object grouping
  • Object Aligning
  • Object Cloning
  • Object Selection (Select All, Select None, Select Inverse)
  • Object Freezing / Unfreezing (stay put!)

Besides objects, other entities could be created and their properties modified, such as:

  • Ambient, Omni, and Directional Lights
  • Square and Spherical Zones
  • Cameras
  • Terrains

Appearance and texture mapping was also supported for each object loaded. In the end, I gained a great deal of experience programming:

  • GUI event programming
  • Resource management
  • Object dependencies
  • 3D Rotation, Movement and Scaling
  • 3D Model & 2D Image File Formats

Below are videos from 2007 which show some of the capabilities of Arcane 3D World Editor: