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A collection agency in Southern California hired me to create a website which would help streamline part of their collection process. After meeting with them, gathering their needs, and provided a solution to them, the following features are present on their website:

  • Standard website pages (home, about us, services, etc.)
  • Contact form page
  • Account login
  • Account payment option after login
  • Account holder can sign PDF agreements prepared by collection office
  • Collection office is notified via email of signed agreements
  • Email account holder payment receipts and notifications
  • Excel file upload to update website MySQL database
  • Create, Read, Update, and Delete records via admin interface
  • Install SSL certificate, assist with payment gateway, manage server.

The website was created using the CakePHP MVC framework, and was a great learning experience. This was one of my first projects using an MVC framework, and could not imagine making this application without it.

Skills Used: