Extreme Karting

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Extreme-Karting.com is a go-kart parts store located in Southern California. I was hired to work with the design team to help implement the website with eCommerce functionality. We decided to use the open source Zen Cart eCommerce system, and made a number of modifications in order to provide the desired functionality. Some of my responsibilities included:

  • Custom Video / Image galleries
  • Custom News section
  • Theme implementation, including custom front page with product scroller.
  • Payment gateway setup and testing
  • Shipping module setup and testing
  • Streamline check-out process
  • Server setup and deployment (domain name, emails, SSL)

I used PHP in order to provide many custom features, and HTML/CSS to create all theme-specific functionality. Many modules and plug-ins where also tested and installed in order to provide additional functionality. The experience I gained from working with designers, attending meetings and collaborating in a team setting was very fulfilling.

Skills Used:

Zen Cart