Fast Eviction Service


Based in San Bernardino, Fast Eviction Service provides landlords with legal services in the entire state of California. When I was hired, they were already ranking well in Google due to their content and established domain name. Meeting with the owner and office manager, the requirements were to improve the website semantically and facilitate navigation, all while keeping or improving their Google ranking. After much research and planning, I successfully launched the new version of the website in January 2013 and was able to keep their Google ranking. I was responsible for all design and coding. Some of the things I did that helped make this successful were:

  • Read and implement the Google guidelines
  • Redirect old navigation URL’s to the new pages
  • Ensure outside links were still being captured by new website
  • Kept all text the same, simply update the graphics

Fast Eviction Service has since re-hired me multiple times to provide additional functionality, such as:

  • Payment page for their customers
  • Newsletter Signup
  • Setup a WordPress blog
  • Update news, articles, and other sections
  • Work with an SEO specialist to improve Google rankings
  • Provide website analytic reports periodically
  • Google PPC campaign
  • Assist in social media advertising

The experience I have gained from working on this website has been invaluable. My knowledge of website marketing, including SEO, pay per click, and social media, has redefined how I approach every website project.

Skills Used: