Lead Capture / PDF Generator

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I was hired by Fast Eviction Service, a tenant-landlord law firm in San Bernardino, to develop a lead capturing system. They provided free forms and notices on their website for landlords to use. These forms were in PDF format, and once downloaded by site visitors, could be filled out and printed for use. Fast Eviction Service wanted to capture this information, with the permission of site visitors, and use this to reach out to potential customers.

The lead capture system I implemented accomplished the following:

  • Display the form or notice to the visitor on the website.
  • Validate the form to minimize errors and assist landlords in properly filling out the form.
  • Capture the data filled in by the site visitor to a MySQL database
  • A PDF form was dynamically generated with the user’s input, then presented as a download.
  • The same PDF form would be emailed to the law firm.

The lead capture system was implemented in PHP, CSS, and MySQL, along with the DOMPDF library. The system proved to be extremely helpful in acquiring new customers, and is currently capturing hundreds of leads per month.

Skills Used: