MD2 3D Model Viewer


This project created to learn about the MD2 file format, which contained the 3D models for the popular video game Quake 2. Using Visual Basic 6 as the GUI, I was able to load, parse, and animate the MD2 models using OpenGL for rendering. The viewer has the following features:

  • Load MD2 files and animations
  • Render the 3D models
  • Automatically load the texture file
  • Apply a different texture file
  • Play all the animations (walk, run, stand, etc.)
  • Control the speed of the animations
  • Camera control

It was an excellent project to undertake because it taught me about the organization of binary files, how to read and understand a technical document and implement the code to support a given file format.

Skills Used:

Binary Files
MD2 Files
3D Math
File Formats