OpenGL Graphics Engine


This project was the result of my journey to learn the OpenGL graphics library. I used the book “OpenGL Super Bible – Second Edition” along with many tutorials and resources from the internet in order to create this little engine.

Some features include:

  • Vector Math
  • 3D Studio max ASC geometry loading
  • 3D Studio Camera path loading and playback
  • Bitmap File loading
  • Texture Mapping
  • DirectInput for Keyboard / Mouse
  • Rendering of all polygons with proper textures or colors

The benefits of building this project were many, specially since it was near the beginning of my programming journey. Some of the concepts I learned where:

  • Learned the C language in more detail
  • Gained more knowledge of 3D math and theory
  • Learned the importance of optimization. The graphics engine halted to a crawl with only a few models due to programming inefficiency and no optimizations.
  • Understood the importance of API’s and Interfaces in software design.

Skills Used:

C Language
3D Math
3D Studio Max